Product Experience Management

Create valuable experiences for your customers and grow your digital business

Manage the complex organization with ease
Of catalogs intended for the B2C and B2B market.

SeeCommerce centralizes all product card enrichment processes (media and copy) and helps you manage marketing content, covering the entire content lifecycle through to distribution in various channels.
With SeeCommerce you have maximum control and a global view of your products without incurring loss of information and time, protecting your brand identity.

Sole source of product truth

End the chaos of fragmented management: SeeCommerce centralizes product information. You can import the product master data present in your systems (ERP, PLM, etc.) via API, or upload an Excel or CSV.

Manage, enrich, monitor and distribute everything from one platform, without the risk of losing important information!

Collaborate to create extraordinary product experiences!

You have all the tools to collaborate effectively with teams inside or outside your organization, while securing information through user-specific permissions.

Plan activities, assign products, monitor and approve:
the flexibility of the workflow allows it to adapt to any organizational process. You are special and unique, we know it!

Shooting & Copy workflow

The shooting process is fast and efficient: plan activities and collaborate with photographers, post-producers, or agencies. Keep control of the versions of the shot and decide which one to approve. Do the same for text content with copywriters and translators.

Integrated video conferencing

We are the first to incorporate video conferencing within a PIM! You can video call colleagues and suppliers without having to leave the context in which you are working and without having to take advantage of screen sharing with all its limitations.

Monitor the status of activities

Monitor the status of activities and completion of product information! It will be easier with the performance section and specific monitoring functions.

Launch new products on all channels and respond faster to market demands.

Organize products into catalogs and distribute them to B2C and B2B channels

Grow your business! Organize products into catalogs and distribute them to B2C and B2B sales channels, without creating copies or worrying about integration, our API takes care of it!

SeeCommerce is a multi-catalog and multi-language system:
Each catalog may have its own characteristics and language declinations.

From product registry to consumer experience

SeeCommerce is a platform designed to efficiently manage products starting from their organization in catalogs, to ensure the best approach from management to product distribution.

Digital Asset Management

Keep control over all your files!

The DAM section allows you to manage and deploy unlimited resources while collaborating in the cloud with the marketing team and other departments: organize content, tag it, share it or distribute it on any channel, without duplicating it. Researching them is extremely easy, you will have everything under control!

WARDA is a “Select Technology Partner” of AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS), a partnership that enables our software solutions to achieve very high processing, data distribution and machine learning capabilities. With the AWS cloud infrastructure, our customers can rely on high standards of security, reliability and performance.


Why choose SeeCommerce?

Increase presence on sales channels

Easily manage many sales channels.
No limits to your range of action!

Improves the customer experience

You will have full control of your products, customizing content to the context for which it is intended.

Increases productivity

Improves efficiency and collaboration:
your team saves up to 80% of time in information management.

Speed up the Time-To-Market

Market your products now.
To be competitive, you need timing!

Safety and high performance

Your information is safe!
We guarantee safety and high performance!

Business cost savings

Maximizes process efficiency. You will save time and effort but also valuable resources for your company’s growth.

Some functions that will bring
your business to the next level!

Native data model for Fashion/Customer good

Creation and management of product catalogs

Multi-catalog and multi-language management

Digital asset management for all file types

API for integrations

Import/Export CSV, XLSX

Product features differentiated by catalog, custom attributes.

Rules engine

User roles with custom permissions

Activity planning

Media & Copy enrichment workflow

Massive actions

Performance monitoring

High performance on content distribution (Amazon Cloudfront CDN)

Multi-channel distribution

Content Sharing

Collaboration tools

Advanced search engine

They chose SeeCommerce

Want to find out how SeeCommerce
Can it support your company’s growth?

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