How secure is your company’s data?

Jan 20, 2022

Digitization is a process that now affects all companies, from the smallest to the largest, with enormous and necessary benefits in everyday activities. Data managed in cloud applications are therefore a very important asset to be preserved through all possible security systems.

How to make data secure from unwanted attacks?

As with technology, hackers’ skills evolve quickly. To cope with these threats, static tools are not enough, but methods and activities specific to each case are needed. For this reason, it is essential to subject IT systems to rigorous analysis and security testing.

These tests include the so-called Penetration Test, which aims to assess the security level of the infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities in protection systems. Indeed, through penetration testing, it is possible to analyze in depth the security level of an information system, then identify any anomalies in order to intervene promptly and make the system secure. These are certainly expensive and complex activities, but they are necessary to ensure secure and reliable platforms.

At WARDA we are committed to protecting customer data and the investment they have made in our product by investing in turn in these tests and corrective activities.

Indeed, we have increased the security of SeeCommerce by certifying the reliability of the system from the perspective of unauthorized access, data segregation, and phishing attack techniques. We stress the system through black and gray box attacks-that is, with and without credentials-by analyzing the user interface and all integration APIs.

These activities are carried out strictly by external teams specializing in cybersecurity, enabling us to identify any weaknesses in the system and resolve them quickly.

Closing the circle is the interaction with the AMAZON AWS engineering team, which supports us in constantly improving the use of cloud components to ensure the highest availability of SeeCommerce.

With this important and much-needed investment, SeeCommerce is at the forefront of enterprise-class solutions for customers who need extremely reliable and secure application solutions.

If you would like to learn more about the security assessment & penetration test report recently conducted and the organizational model put in place to continuously improve security in SeeCommerce, please contact us!


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